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Some of my greatest memories were growing up on my family’s hobby farm in the country. I spent hours singing all the Disney songs I could think of and my father made every opportunity to capture them on home video. I’ve always had a flare for the dramatic and dreamed of being a “singer” when I grew up.

Learning to play piano at age 8 and writing my first song at age 15, I quickly found a voice to be able to share life experiences in a way that people could relate to. With the help of friends in my local church, I recorded a couple albums and loved the process of seeing words on a paper come to life through song.

My husband and I have two daughters that have inherited their mother’s love for the dramatic. They love to watch their mom make music and love to sing along themselves even more. 

Please join me on this journey to fulfill my calling. A calling that includes showing my friends, family, and beautiful strangers like yourself what it means to step out in faith and fulfill the purpose I was made for.




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